God in the Machine is a cross-disciplinary art project that tries to capture the ecstatic experience outside of its religious and cultural boundaries by searching for a point or moment that can be described aesthetically. Artists and filmmakers like Maya Deren and Jean Rouch have looked to the ecstatic experience as a utopian state that by transgressing our everyday subjective experience can bridge the ethnographic gap between subject and object. In a collaboration with choreographers www.ekkoproject.net the project search for the ecstatic experience as a bodily expression (trance) and in using an experimental method in neuroscience it search for the ecstatic experience as an inner meditative state of mind.

God in the Machine is a collaboration with artist Niklas Wallenborg. With support from Konstnärsnämnden (the Swedish Arts Grants Committee), Innovativ Kultur, Helge Ax:son Johnsons Stiftelse, Svensk-Danska Kulturfonden and Letterstedtska Stiftelsen.



CANDYLAND God in the Machine: the Brain, exhibition/workshop at Candyland in Stockholm April 5 2013 – April 21 2013.

DANSENS HUS God in the Machine: the Body, workshop and public presentation with open rehearsals at Dansens hus in Stockholm February 18 2013 – February 23 2013.